I am a Copenhagen based wedding photographer. Wedding photography is my passion and I simply love it. At weddings, there are always a very special mood and atmosphere, and it´s always a great pleasure to capture the special moments of the day. I love to photograph the moments in life when people are touched emotionally. Photography is a passion for me. I simply love to create the good image. Wedding photography has become my specialty, and every wedding is unique, and it's never the same.


When selecting a photographer for the wedding, remember your going to spend the whole day with that person. Personality, and empathy is a big part of choosing the right wedding photographer.



The goal is to create a quality product with a high level of service, and I take a pride in creating a result that makes the bridal couple happy. It is always a great pleasure when an image I have created will adorn the wall of the couple's home for many years to come - but this is also a big commitment. It is therefore important to meet expectations and wishes in advance, so that the result reflected this. For me photography is a passion, and I am always well prepared and ready whenever I begin a new wedding photography assignment.


My style is a mixture of reportage and commercial photography.
The events is documented in reportage style, and the day will be told as a story in pictures. The emotional moments, big and small, will be captured as beautiful wedding photos.

Commercial photography takes reportage style a step further at a new level of quality. When wedding portraits is being created, light, techniques and posing is used as was it for a monthly magazine.

It is my goal that the wedding photos I deliver, must be both stylish and creative while they have a personal touch.

It is easy to document an event with pictures, but it takes much more to make it a beautiful and elegant with a strong visual and aesthetic expression.

Everything will be organized through email, phone og Skype. If you are visiting Denmark before the big day, of course we can meet in person.

Please don´t hesitate to contact me, if you have any kind of question.

Rasmus Engsvang, Wedding Photographer